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Lunch Places In Las Vegas

  Lunch Places in Las Vegas with the Wow Factor

You are getting hangry and you need something filling and delicious now! Rise & Shine, a steak & egg place is also open for lunch and serving all your favorite sandwiches along with memorable breakfast fare. Pick up your phone and place an order. We will have it waiting for you curbside to pick up, or come on in and enjoy your lunch hour in comfort. While our name celebrates steak & eggs, that also means we serve up some serious steak burgers and fried chicken sandwiches ready to keep you running at full steam all day long.

Twisted Burritos, Omelettes, Bagel Sandwiches and Even Steak

Perhaps you are not craving a burger and fries. We always have our complete breakfast menu available. Tuck into a large burrito stuffed with chorizo, cotija cheese, eggs, and more. Add some eggs and bacon to our sweet cream pancakes. Opt for a fresh fruit bowl on the side of your egg white omelet. Do you love the convenience of bagel sandwiches? Ours take two hands to hold while you bite into layers of sausage, eggs, and cheese. If you want it, we are serving hot food open near me with delivery today.

Brunch Food Open Near Me for Delivery

Did you skip breakfast? Are you craving something more substantial than a quick sandwich out of your own pantry? We can help you fill up and fuel up with a wide selection of hearty meals perfect for a large brunch. Treat your overnight guests to a special meal before they depart. Pick up, carry out, or use our online menu to take advantage of delivery. We complete most orders in about 30 minutes, so you won't be waiting all day for your lunch to arrive. Burgers, fried chicken, burritos, and waffles. Mix and match to sate all your cravings.

Reviewed as Las Vegas Best Lunch Places

Check out our reviews online! Our fans are always raving about our signature dishes including the Rise & Shine Burrito, The Ultimate Ribeye Steak & Eggs, and our famous Cup O' Bread served with almost every meal. Leave the ordinary behind and treat yourself to one of the Las Vegas Best Lunch Places today. We are open every day of the week for both breakfast and lunch, so you never have to wait long to enjoy some seriously good eats at work, at home, or in our dining room.

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